2013 Robo Ducki , Gift To Dj & The Ez Robot Staff


I will post a 3d draft tonight. 3d models lately are a breeze, so lt me take advantage of the talent be I leaves. he he he. we will use the same duck base.


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Here comes the painting of the eyes and the epoxy coating. There are small imperfections but for the most part it looks like porcelain covered in glass.



Here is the video of the robo ducki getting a thIck coat of epoxy to protect the pla and polyester body of the ducki. Yes I know Ducki is spelled wrong it is a play off Roli, a ez robot Revolution product. Pardon the video it was 2am , very sleepy and no tri-pod nearby.


You guys are awesome. I knew this community was cool but that's just good old fashion nice. Smile


Quack! Quack!


Awesome job guys! I have to say that six legged duck is super creepy in a really cool kind of way.


Alright , ducky epoxy coating is cured and ready for leg bracket attachments.
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And some duck booty
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front shots with the shadow look creepy *eyeroll*


I know , lol. Hopefully the creepy doesn't out weight the cool. My first idea was a Roli ducky but Anthony already wanted to make a micro sized Six so it just worked out that way.