Using A Sabertooth 2 X 5 Rc Controller?


I do have a sabertooth (non RC version) 2 x 12 motor controller that works great with EZ-Builder. However, for the project I am working right now it is serious overkill. So I was hoping to use a sabertooth 2 x 5 RC controller that I have... Problem is because it is the RC model, I don't see a way to set it up in EZ builder... It doesn't seem to work using serial commands (and yes the dip switches are set as per the EZ-Builder tutorials)... This is probably because it is meant for RC use... Saying that, I have used it with no problem with the Atom Micro controller using PulseOut commands... PulseOut (D0,2000) is full speed, PulseOut (D0,1000) is reverse and PulseOut (D0,1500) is full stop... So I know it will work using a microcontroller...

So my question is there a way to use this with the EZB? Using what movement control panel? I have tried a few and although I can get movement, I have no real control over the motors... I am also still coming to grips with EZ builder, so I am hoping I am overlooking something and that there is a way to get this to work...

Thanks everyone
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