My First Robot



Hello guys! The moment i saw the possibilities of the EZ Board, I knew that my robot can finally come alive!

I have no prior coding experiance. Hence the EZ B will be my stepping stone.

I am building a Tactile Unmanned General Purpose Vehicle which will include a Robotic Arm, Several Sensors and Servo Driven Wheels. This project was actually a 6 legged 2DOF Hexapod using an Arduino and a Servo Shield but I was simply inexperienced in Coding in C++. Hence the project halted. Now with couple of modifications and ideas, This project became alive and i am waiting for my EZ-B kit to arrive to make it fully functional.

But for the time being, Here are some pictures to show you my Cyborg.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing TALON ONE!

User-inserted image

The Boom is actually the thigh of the Hexapod

User-inserted image

More images will come as soon as i get back home. Till now you may start commenting!


Very cool! How many servos will you have?


4servos for track or 6 wheel set.
6 for the arm.
2 for camera/ping sensors
2 more for side stand incase of heavy loads.
Altogether 14 Servos


Here are more pictures and Modifications Grin

User-inserted image
The Turrets are attached for tuning of the Arms. Servos has been modified to do a 360 degrees.

User-inserted image
Took off a Toy racing car's rear wheels with gears and used it as a Turret Turning Device. Works wells as the weight is totally off the ServosSmile The only problem is i still do not know where to stuff my wires in.

User-inserted image
Talon One gets his Claws! from spark fun. Not bad for a cheap robotic claws.

User-inserted image
The Claw trying to munch on my desk.

Sigh i am still waiting for my EZ B. The status of my order is still the same "NEW ORDER". I cant wait for my toy to arrive. I am sure this is going to be super awesome!

More progressive updates coming soon!


Awesome looking arm you have! Did you build it from a kit or from scratch? Looking forward to more on Talon One!




The Arm is from my previous Hexapod Project using Arduino. I was really bad at coding and so i decided to make into a Mars Explorer Kinda Automaton. Hence the Arms are actually parts of the Femur and Tibia.


Talon Gets Tamiya Track Set:

Woo hoo!

Tamiya Track Set Wheels with Modified Servos

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Still waiting for my Ez B to arriveFrown


Wicked! Reminds me of the old half tracks from WWII.


Talon Nearly Complete

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Really Cool Bot you have there. Would love to see it in action at some point!