Micro-six Hexapod Robot.


@hooligan- Try Autodesk 123D. You can download it onto your PC or use it in your web browser as a web app. I tried Google Sketch-up and I had issues with the stl plug-in. EZ Builder wouldn't import them correctly or at all, I can't remember the specific issue, just that I had issues. Autodesk will export stl files with out the need of a plug-in and I've had no issues with it yet. Both of those programs are free so you can start tinkering with it. I've only made boxes and discs with it so far.

@XL-Robots- What 3d program do you create your wizardry with?


@antron007 I use 3dsmax. It exports stl's easily.


I looked at 3dsmax way back in 2003ish. It was way above my head at the time. I don't know if it's because of technological advancement, better control layout, or I'm just smarter now but, Sketch-up was pretty simple to use and understand and that made using 123d a snap. Granted I've only made a couple super simple things but I can find my way around it and get something done now. Smile