Anyone Have A Omnibot 2000 For Sale? Or Partial Bot?


Just looking for omnibot, a couple were on ebay for 380 bucks but i thought that was pricey. Any help finding one? Thanks


I find bots on ebay all the time and put the reasonable ones on the Facebook page in the hopes they will find new lives as EZ-B bots. Check out the facebook page and you should see some - all under 100 bucks.


I just found this omnibot on ebay for 15 dollars and 17 dollars shipping. No bids and two days left.


Thanks bret , its the omnibot 2000 im really itching for. I may have found one in another state and im gonna try to contact them, hopefully they wont think im a frauder. Lol


good luck


Guess what//?? I managed to snag a rad 2.0 and a tomy omnibot 2000 on ebay today! Omnibot 2000 for 150 in excellent condition and rad 2.0 for 43 dollars! I'm not looking to get standard omnibot, emiglio and roomba. I believe I may have found a roomba local for 60 last yrs model Smile I'm trying to take advantages of each bot and utilize them. Rad 2.0 has a great track setup if I couple it with better motors , roomba has protocols for vacuuming and "return to base" features when needing a recharge. I don't have the remote for omnibot 2000 anyone know where to get JUST the remote for reasonable amount. I really only need it to test function of existing equipment and range of motion. Thanks


Woops , i meant i AM looking for a walle e command , emiglio , roomba with self charge feature and regular omnibot.


@jstarne1 - Here is a Robie Sr. (basically an omnibot) that is at 40 bucks, no bids, 18 dollars shipping and only one day left on bidding. I just noticed that the rubber treads are shot so you would have to make some.