The Real Ironman! Nasa Robot.


Here a really cool robot from the designers at NASA.

Valkeri Nasa's IronMAN


Wow , lots of cameras , it claims to be self contained , makes me wonder what hardware it's using ti process 8 cameras video into environmental data.


Wow, I can't believe how far behind they are.... stationary sonar sensors? I don't know why all these companies are creating their own less-than performing robots when they could build off Honda's. That nasa robot looks practically impossible to walk. I was surprised when they showed it (barely) walking.

Honda truly takes the cake! I've watched quite a few documentaries on it and i'm always amazed. It is remarkable!


@DJ Sures Asimo is crazy slick. I've seen all the videos and my kids always ask if there's someone in the suit, he he.


I know, right! Asimo moves so fluently that you'd think there is a child in there. Man, that robot blows my mind. The software behind it is the most impressive part. Being able to understand multiple voices at once! wow


Wow, I expected more from NASA. To be honest that was a bit of a let down...


Well, what did you expect? After all, DJ stopped working for Nasa a while back.... Grin


Just putting my two cents in, but he looks like he's wearing a robo-diaper. Maybe it's testing the fields of robotic man children? Grin

EDIT: DJ, I think that the most advanced humanoid i've ever seen was qrio. Even though the project is dead, a whole bunch of systems that qrio used were put into Asimo when sony sold the research to honda.