Wtd: Ezb3 Camera


Anyone know where (or is selling) I can get a camera for Version 3 of the EZB controller? Or even a compatible camera? Just snagged a Version 3 EZB from a fellow forum member. Now looking for a camera to go with it...



I have one I will sell. I have taken the battery out and wired it to run off the 5vdc of EZB v4. If you are still interested let me know.


Thanks Dave, but I was hoping to get one with the battery still in it... I do appreciate the offer, though...




It is NOT going to be reliable unless it is modded. I have had several of these cameras. Once it has the mod, it works fine every time. Those cameras usually sell for $49.95 USD.



Any camera that is detected by Windows will work with EZ-Builder, you are not limited to one camera.

That said, it is highly advised to carry out the mod to the camera since the battery does make it unstable. Personally I have done it to all of my cameras. Why do you want it with the battery still in?


Fair enough Rich... Dave I'll take Rich's advice so if you still have the camera, how much do you want for it? What is your email, maybe we can discuss it there instead of here?



Ping @dschulpius ... So Dave, do you have the camera to sell? I am interested...



Hey R, Sorry about the delay. It's been wicked busy around the home front.

Yes, I'd be willing to sell you this camera. Not sure what shipping would be from Wisconsin, USA to you in Canada.

I don't really want to give out my regular real e-mail address or phone number in such a public forum but please send me an e-mail at my junk e-mail address and I can send you my proper contact info from there:


I'll check it over the next few days till I see you. See ya there. Smile

Thanks, David Schulpius


Dave, it cost me $7.50 via USPS 1st class withy own box to ship him an EZ-B. Should be similar for the camera.


Hey Dave, no worries. Check your email when you have a chance...

Thanks again