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Minimum Ezb V4 Operating Voltage

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What is the minimum operating voltage for the EZB V4? I would like to power the V4 using a regulated 5V/5A dc-dc converter. This would allow me to use 5V sensors without having to add any adapter boards to the ports. A separate power source will provide power for any servos.

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That'll work great! I do my tests with a 5v power supply on my desk. You will be able to run quite a few servos with 5 amps, but not a lot because it'll get hot quick Smile

I don't know the specs off the top of my head, but you should be able to get away with running the EZ-B v4 with 3 volts

I also have a USB adapter, which allows me to develop code for the EZ-B powered by the USB. It won't let me run servos, but it does do basic audio and video without browning out (too often)


Thanks DJ. I was hoping that was the case.


The chipset uses 3.3 v when I checked the data sheet.