@Chrissi... I think we're all glad you can't grow facial hair... Tongue


But I want a festive mo'!




So this is what you meant when you said you were going to revive an old thread the other day (and now get the avatar too). Good on you, and the mo is looking good dude. A donation is on its way to you now.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to have a mo, so K-9 volunteered. Keep up the good work. Smile

User-inserted image



Haha, K9 looks good with a mo! And thanks dude, it's appreciated Smile


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here's looking at you. lol



I dunno John...that looks like a goatee to me ;-)


Old gray stach! *eek* Donations on the way!

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I was thinking of dying mine grey to appear more distinguished ;-)


Rich, I made a General Donation the the Movember Foundation through the link you provided. Hope that was how you were wanting asking us t do this. I was a little unclear as to how to do it and appear on your page.


Thanks Dave.

However, to donate and it show on my page you need to use the "Donate To Me" button (which I've since made stand out a little more). No worries though, your support and general donation works just as well Smile

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This is another link direct to the donation page (but you miss out on the fun of seeing my progr "Mogress" photos.

Once again, many thanks.