Ez-b V3 For Sale?


Ok now the updates for the V4 have been released, anybody wanna get rid of their (working) EZb V3s? I'm gonna need a few for my projects, and since the V4 is not readily available yet...

Send me an email and offer:


Thanks! Grin


I'll have 2 or 3 for sale but not till I get the V4's I have comming. Hopefully that will be in a few weeks.


Cool! Let me know. Thanks!


How many are you after @doombot? I ask because I'd also be interested in any that people have replaced for the V4 (although I don't need any so give @doombot first refusal on them but be aware I'd also be interested in taking them off your hands if the price is right).


I think 3 would be enough to keep me busy until the V4 is readily available. My bot is a little under 5 ft tall and I'm using a bunch of swash plate-type joints using multiple servos and motors so I need a lot of ports...


You caught my attention when you said your robot was "little under 5 ft. tall".
I like big robots, what does your robot body look like? Any pics?
Thank you,
Steve S


Hello @Steve S
I've already been through several re-designs but yes I have every intention of posting my build here. If you've seen my work on Ikon Customs you'll have some idea where I'm headed. Think HR Giger meets T-800 EndoSkeleton. I still havent decided on a platform but I'm playing around the Klann Linkage type design.

But yeah when I have something concrete I will post a build thread.
Thanks for your interest man.


@doombot whats the bots functionality ? entertainment, experimental, r/c?


1. To entertain me.
2. A centerpiece/attention getter when I do conventions.
3. To showcase my sculpting/technical skills (or lack thereof haha).
4. Scare the neighborhood kids.

Its mostly gonna be Autonomous but I may switch off to r/c mode especially since it has a paintball gun mechanism in one hand and a motorized water pistol on the other.


@Guys, I am wanting to sell my 3, V3 boards but not till I get my V4 boards here. It sounds like you are going to be buying the V4 boards and want the old version to hold you over till you get the V4's yourself so not sure if I can help.

@Doombot, I love your work with the custom guitars. I'm seriously thinking of buying one and I don't even play! Very, Very cool. One would look great in a frame on my wall. Kinda like at the Hard Rock Cafe.