A.m.p Robot. Segway Motion Bot.


heres a bot i came across while searching today. It's self balancing is what caught my eye for for next build. check it out.


Self balancing is very achievable with the EZ-B and EZ-Builder's native support for the MMA7455. There are a few examples of self balancing bots in the forums, on a smaller scale than what you found but the basic principals are the same.


To me, balancing robots are both wonderous, being able to remain upright and evoking anxiety/thrill at the threat of falling to its destruction. This is akin to a tight rope walker! As in aameralis's examples I have to wonder how their creators build in armour and damage protection. I believe the DARPA robots can be pushed and kicked and still remain upright.


My other concern is battery drain. Doesn't the battery drain faster since the motors are constantly working to maintain balance?


Yes but lets be honest, how long do your batteries last currently? Even with a constant load on the batteries they will last a fair while (depending on the capacity of course)


@ rich yes, but when my LeXI will be at a neutral stance, no battery drain, but a self balancing bot at a neutral stance is constantly working to maintain the position and stay erect. The only way I see a less drain would be to use dc motors. At rest they don't move as with my shoulders on leXI. Which is a positive thing in my eyes. servos are to needy.


Pros and cons just like everything though. Pro is it looks awesome, con is it needs to constantly work to stay upright.


@ rich. true. Lets see how my next build comes along.
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You could always cheat and have a third (or even fourth) wheel hidden underneath for stability.


talking to people who have built the two wheel balance bots they say that the current draw is fairly low until it actually moves the robot forward or backward. I would love to build one but I will cross that bridge next year when I'm more confident in building one I would consider worth while. Until then I would try something really small.