Is A Pc Still Needed When Using The Upcoming Ios And Android App?


Will a PC still be needed when controlling the New EZ-B v4? If ezbuilder is running off an Android or iOS device is the need for a PC still valid? This would be a cheaper approach to add tablets to the bot builds since non pc tablets go for $150 and up (good one $300).


Somewhere along the list of necessary components is the .NET software. I'm not familiar with what is contained in the Android or iOS devices.


The apps will not require a PC to be connected to the robots while in use, only for custom "programming" of your robot using EZ-Builder. Android and iOS apps will integrate with EZ-Cloud so you can download your project files and execute the functoins. It's going to be AWESOME!


@ Alan ok so we use the PC to design our scripts and the IOS or Android app will run the scripts. how good is the camera feedback with the apps? is the video clear and realtime?


@Alan Since i have a windows 8 pc tablet running LeXI 3000, this will now give me the option to have both pc,IOS and or android devices running her?


That sounds fantastic!
Operate my robot with my Iphone, what an added bonus. I remember D.J. saying this would be available @ a later time for EZB4.
Besides moving my robot, will it operate with my VR commands?
I have been rewriting my files utilizing the ControlCommandScriptStartWait making them more efficient and smaller.
Thank You,
Steve S


Sounds great, But I have NEVER heard of EZB operating on anything but windows because a lot of stuff that is done it is done through windows. I have serious doubt about it running on android or linux or OS.

Just my 2cents.


Speech Synthesis, voice recognition and video processing is pretty much all that relies on Windows, the rest is probably pretty straight forward.

The SDK can be used to use Python (amongst other things) to operate the EZ-B. For moving servos, reading/sending PWM and sending serial commands I don't see it being a problem on any OS. For processor heavy things like the camera and SAPI based things then there would have needed to be some changes, if those functions are supported by iOS and Android.


It can use Python? I love python. I am trying to learn it on my QBO robot.


Python Robosapien which means that the other commands would also work, or should do at least.