Some Ideas For Six's Movements.


Saw this on youtube thought it would be good to induce creativity for cool scripting for SIX the Hexbot.



To be specific it would me more auto position than scripting, unless you wanted to do it the hard way.

I've already been playing with the auto position for Six ready for when mine turns up and it's been mentioned by others that they have too. I'm sure we will see a lot of cool videos soon.


@ rich oh ok, i get it. cool feature. i've been doing it the hard way.


@rich , all of us who ordered the six in should have a "dance off" lol


But first you'll have to paint your six!


Challenge accepted!..


This video is hilarious, thanks for sharing! We are really excited to see what everyone will be doing to show off their new "Six"


very nice, have the six since last night, just trying to figure out how to get it to walk Smile


That is a great post! Thanks for sharing!


Very happy to have found EZ Robot!
I can,t wait to see what people do with EZ Robot SIX!
It is such a cool bot!
Here is another vid to challenge creativity.