R/c Help


Hi sure this is posted someplace but I can't find it.. When away from the home computer can the commands that are uploaded still run independent? And the rest run from a R/C transmitter? As I understand the system the ez "brain" needs the robot to be near the computer so taking it outside would need a R/C transmitter to do the navigation in real time right?


Yes, the EZB controller must be in the range of your wifi network in order to work.... How you would integrate r/c and autonomous together, not sure if it is even possible... However, it is EZ Robot we're talking so maybe someone else can chime in on whether it can be done or not...


Ofcourse you can. You can gave a elaborate switching mechanism to go from wav control to a RF receiver or you can syncs up a ps3 controller and set it up in ezbuilder. Ta da! Control from ps3 remote and it is much more comfortable than RF rd remote sticks.