Anyome Else Not Getting Forum Updates


I haven't received any in a while , checked my spam box and there's no ezrobot stuff in there. Any tips to resolve this? Im sure I'm missing replies. Last one received was Oct 24th.


I have not been getting them either. Perhaps it is a glitch in the Forum.


Ok, i unmarked the option to receive emails and then remarked it in case that "unstuck" the emails. We will see.


I am having the same problem. I tried the uncheck, save, then check the box again and that hasnt worked either. I contacted them a while back. I'm sure they are looking into it.


It'll be a technical glitch in the system, it did it before. I'm sure they are aware and will fix it (but let's be honest, it's pretty low on anyone's priority list, right?)


Hey everyone! We have noticed it as well and will look into it Smile

Thanks for the heads up!