Awesome Drone Choreogrphy! Not Cgi!


Watch this, these drones are real, not cgi rendered! Must be running the EZB v4!


I think some of it is CGI. It would be silly not to use CGI for the last part. They would be using the same localized positioning system that they use in their other drone videos. 30 or 40 cameras monitor the space from different directions. Each drone has a unique IR beacon that the high speed camera can pickup. The software recognizes the unique beacons and therefore knows the position of each robot within the 3d area surrounded by cameras.

That is also why you never see these kind of videos outside in the day. The sunlight interferes with the IR beacons.


Reminds me of the movie "batteries not included" , it definitely looks like cgi to me or at least real footage with backgrounds added in.


It's cgi... all the way... Maybe that thing really flies, but in this instance cgi made it fly better...



Here is the source for that video and article. It states it is not cgi.

the full story


Super cool, very inspiring , thanks aameralis