New! 3d Hand Scanner.only $400!


Found this while doing my regular read thru

$400 Hand 3D Scanner

I have this and it's free , all you need is a high resolution camera and 20 - 30 clear images. Works best in good lighting or indirect sunlight if your home is dark.


This is a video of the software demonstration using a iPhone camera. If you use the web or pc version you can use any camera.


Have you tried it out josh? Any samples?


I don't have any samples on my phone , perhaps I can post a example later tonight , I plan on going to a movie but I can try squeezing it in for you Smile




To be honest I've seen some pretty good results with a Kinect so spending $400 on a scanner seems kinda pointless to me.


I've used the Autodesk 123 Make (free PC download) and used a Kodak digital camera and about 20 pictures that are then uploaded to Autodesk and a few minutes later you get your 3D image. Here's a Youtube of what i took pictures of:


Yup that's pretty cool , that's the same app / program I'm talking about but a different url. It would be nest to be able to print a object after scanning it bit I imagine there is a great deal of work to do that. I habe not done enough modeling to know how much work that is.

@aameralis , you should 3d some kind of small trinket and then 3d print it and see what kind of effort that entails since you are already proficient with 3d design . Smile

@robodoc , thanks for the example post I ended up being short for time.