Hitec Servo Making Hi Pitch Noise.


need help with servo noise.


It's a digital servo. They refresh the position 300 times a second which is much more often than a analog.. If they have a little torque in either direction they will buzz. This is normal to make a noise but it will make much more noise if the servo is sitting in the deadband. That's the number of degrees in the center that the servo cannot see when checking it's position from the pot. I have two hitec hs5995tg that buzz. My fix for this was to use a analog servo and put it in the gearbox to multiply torque.



Here is a old video you can hear my hitec digital is noisy in comparison to the analog high torque servos. Forgive the video content it was from back when I was testing various servos to see what I liked best. You can use dynamat sound deafening material to reduce the high pitch noise.