Windows 8.1 And Ez-builder


my pc updated itself to 8.1 when all I wanted was explorer 11. now EZ-Builder wont connect. it was connected for about an hr then disconnected and shoe]ws the error below.

User-inserted image


@troy heck if it's that much trouble, I'm going to redo my PC to 7!


When I upgraded my Dell Studio, windows 8.1 would no longer recognize my internal Bluetooth. After some searching online I found out that this is a known issue for my particular board. So I got a USB BT dongle. I hope you don't have that problem.


I am sticking with Wndows 7 until Windows 9 or I need to replace my computer and get forced into it. I have learned through painful experience that the every other Windows release is crap" adage is too true.



@ameralis It may not be the same for you. You might have an easier fix.


Personally I'm very happy with Windows 7 desktop performance over my win 8 laptop that are similar specs.


I just recently upgraded to 8.1 and just changed from one EZ-B bluetooth V3 board to another with a different bluetooth attached. Performed the discovery and was able to connect. Only difference was that when the USB ports were assigned ( 5 & 6) I had to use 6 to make the connection instead of 5.

One thing to point out is that most bluetooth devices that are built-in on the newer PCs are all class 2 devices with a 10 meter range so if you switched out the EZ-B bluetooth for a class 1 device for more range then you will also need to install a class 1 bluetooth USB dongle on your PC to maximize the range to 100 meters.


@Robot-Doc, Me too! Even with the USB BT working I had to connect with the higher number. Strange. I thought it was just me.