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Converting A Servo To A 360 Rotating Servo.

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How to convert a Standard Servo into a 360 rotating servo? Want to make LeXI's wrist have greater motion than the 180 degrees.

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@rich when I finish converting it, how would I address it in EZ-Builder? ex: servo(d0,1)

would that do it or do I have to use the Modified Servo input?


There are commands for Modified Servos.




@rich so I would set it up like her shoulder motor, by miliseconds?


I saw a tutorial that involved using 2 x 2.2 ohm resisters and removing the involvement of the potentiometer. what would be the difference from your video and that of the

servo hack


There are various methods of doing it. Choose whichever you feel most comfortable doing. There is no right way, only different ways Smile


@ rich tanks for the quick info, really appreciate it.