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Three Wheel Drive For Robot

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I am starting a project that uses three wheel omnidrive wheels.Does anyone know how I should connect motor bridges to control.I pretty shure I will need at least 2 maybe three of them?

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You can use 3 ESC as used in radio controlled cars, work as a servo: PWM, you would use three digital ports ez-b and some programming because there is no specific control for 3 motors.
Control: Movement script may be the next step to specify the movements, but a platform of three engines can run more lateral displacements or movements like orbit.


Have a look at this topic.

While it's orientated towards two motors it's pretty simple to add in a third for omniwheels. If you have 3 motors driving the 3 wheels you will require 2 L298n H-Bridges, 1 will do 2 wheels and the other 1 wheel with 1 spare.

Then it's just a case of working out the movement scripts, which should be easy enough. It's just a case of setting the digital ports to on or off depending on the direction you need the motors to turn.




If you can't figure it out please feel free to revisit the topic and ask, provided I am given the info needed (i.e. port numbers for h-bridges etc.) I'm more than happy to guide you. Keep us posted on the build Smile