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Interfacing 5v Peripherals Like Ping Sensors To The New Ezb4

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A couple of weeks a go DJ mentioned in a post that a 5V adapter (For common 5V sensors like the ping to connect to the EZb4 board) of some sort would appear in the online store. Just wondering what they will look like and when they might be available? Price maybe as well?


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I'm not sure why it hasn't been added to the website yet, I'll get on that.

Here are pics of the adapter...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Cheers... Way better than the option I was envisioning... I will need a few for sure...


What Exactly does this adapter do? You will need one of these adapters for each sensor?


@moviemaker... There is no 5V regulator (for peripherals) on board the EZB4... Sensors typically run on 5V... The adapter drops the pin voltage on the EZB4 pins from whatever input voltage you supply (7V ~ 17V) to 5V... Otherwise you'll cook (over volt) sensors like pings if you plug them directly into the board...


OK, so EACH sensor needs an adapter? That is going to be lots of adapters. I wonder how much they are going to cost.

Oh, Thanks for the info.

I understand now. I originally lost every adapter on my LEAF robot. I had to aquire an adapter board for them. They are still in use on my Leaf Robot.

Lets see. I had about a dozen Ping, IRS, PIRS on that robot. All zapped into not working.

I hope they will be cheap. The little adapter I used cost me about $2.00 for the board and whatever it cost for the components. I put it together myself.

I was thinking of at least 10 on this robot.


Will we require the same for 5v servo's

many thanks

Andy B Uk


My servos will be 7.5V.


If your servos will be 7.5v you will have no requirement for any regulators if supplying the EZ-B V4 with a 7.4v LiPo battery.

If your servos are 5V then you will need a regulator for the port(s).

If your sensors are 5V (which generally they are) you will require a regulator for the port(s).

To attempt to make is as clear as possible. The V4 has no regulator therefore the VCC of each digital port is going to be the same as the input voltage of the EZ-B supply. In other words, if you feed the EZ-B V4 with a 12v supply you will have a VCC on all digital ports of 12v. If you feed it with 6V you will have a VCC on digital ports of 6V. If your accessory requires a specific voltage and differs from the input voltage to the EZ-B it will require a regulator.


Just placed an order 10 mins ago for the EZ-B V4 and don't see a way to add this voltage adapter to my order. Any way I can do that?

I'm also wondering if I have a 3v IC2 device, I'll have to get a 3v regulator hooked up also? Or will the current adapter have that?

I'm curious about the advantages of leaving out the 3v and 5v regulators on V4?