New To This ;)


Hi all, I'm new to this forum and new to building robots.
Got some inspiration from DJ Sures 1980's Omnibot build.
I've got myself a EZ-B v3 control board and an old omnibot but was wondering if there is a way to purchase the rest of the kit or at least the wifi camera for v3?
If not any advice on the best servos to use would be appreciated. I have been looking at AS-17 servos and HXT 900s.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post and hope to hear from anyone soon Winky



Hi @dkennyken

Nice to see another omnibot enthousiast Grin

There is no camera specific to the v3 board. Whatever camera is recognized by EZ-Builder will work. My omnibot has a PC on-board so I'm using a wired USB webcam. The camera that DJ is using in that video is a wireless USB cam. It used to be sold in the shop here, but you can still find it on ebay.

For the arms, I'd suggest you go with a metal-geared servo that can lift at least 5kg/cm.
If you're planning to make his head move, you can just use a normal plastic geared servo.

Here's my omnibot thread, but there are lots of other people on here with their own omibots Smile


Thanks for the reply and advice Niek, it's appreciated.
I saw your omnibot on youtube some time ago and was very impressed.
Can't wait to get started.
Good to see you got to follow your passion at EZ-Robot.
Hopefully I'll get my omnibot on par with yours and DJ Sures eventually lol.
Thanks again.


Welcome to the forum @dkennyken.

As Niek suggested, you can use any camera that is recognized by EZ-Builder. We will be putting a few of the old cameras back up for sale in the not too distant future as well. Along with that, you'll be able to buy the HDD Servo directly from the store as well.

The HDD Servo's are the ones that DJ used for his Omnibot build.



Thanks Alan

So I've put together a shopping list for my build can anybody give me some input on the parts I've listed?

Glue gun,
2×MG-995 digital servos,
2×opto switch QRD1114,
Duel bridge DC stepper motor drive controller board L298N,
1×As17 servo,
Blue wireless 2.4Ghz camera,
3× HT900 servo,
Ultra bright led's (not sure which size I'm gonna need 3mm/5mm or 10mm?)

Have I missed anything?
I was going to use the 6v lead battery that came with omnibot, is that a good idea? (It's actually a brand new replacement).
Also I have a sensor to scan for objects in his path do I need to get an attachment to make it scan from left to right?
Also will I be best powering the ez-b board from the battery attachment that came with it or from the lead battery?
Sorry if my questions are daft, this is all very new to me, I'm afraid I'm a total noob lol.


I've heard some wacky stories behind using the omnibot original battery like reversed terminals and so on. I can't say much else but this is an interesting shopping list.


Yes, Tomy decided to reverse the polarity of the jack on the Omnibots so if using the same battery and lead with the EZ-B make sure you have the polarity correct.

User-inserted image

Outside of the jack from the battery needs to be ground for the EZ-B which is backwards to how Tomy set it up with the Omnibot. Connecting it backwards to a V3 can blow the regulator.


Don't forget to get a lot of accessory cables or jumper cables. In Melvin I have used a lot more than I had intended. They are certainly something for the shopping list (will be required for h-bridge, ping sensor, extending the servo wires where necessary, leds etc.

Also, it may pay to build a few TIP Transistor Switching Circuits if you plan to turn lamps on and off.

If you struggle to find anything you need feel free to give me a shout, I've compiled a list of online stores in the UK which stock most of what is needed and a list of problem free ebay sellers from China if you want to go cheap.

Where in the UK are you from just out of interest?


Thanks for all the advice Technopro and Rich.
I'll certainly take the advice given, not going to order anything until I know 100% what my plan is, I think more research is in order lol.
I live in Manchester Rich, I'll let you know if I'm struggling to find any of the items I need ta.
Thanks again, will keep you all informed Smile


Hi Rich, is there a specific type or size of jumper cables that I will need to connect to ez-b and am I best getting a mixture of male to females and female to female?