Lots Of Robot Parts For Sale!


I have a huge inventory of robot parts that need to go. Servos, motors, pan/tilt bracket with servos, batteries, connectors, wires, sensors, resistors, capacitors, Wheel Chair motors and tires, gears and gear sets, linear actuators, tank tracks (VEX), and a giant scale tank chassis - 1/6 scale, plus tons more. Let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I have it. I will also start inventorying my stuff and get a list on here. I thought I would offer stuff up to the community for really cheap before I start putting stuff on ebay.


How much would a LM2930T-5.0/NOPB regulator cost?

I happen to have burned mine up.


let me see


Dude, those are like a buck from radio shack, but I'll see what I have.


I might be interested in your vex stuff (if complete).... what do you have?


What kind of sensors and servos do you have? Also what kind of pan tilt bracket?


my local radioshack sucks. It never has what I need. It has plenty of 7805 and old ardunio stuff. Also, I searched radioshack on line and could not find that piece.


@MovieMaker, you can order that part from Mouser.com for $1.30 plus shipping.

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Thank You, robodoc.


Bret, I'd be interested in the tank tracks (VEX) and giant scale tank chassis - 1/6 scale and maybe the batteries too. Could you send me some more info and pictures on them? My email is weyoun7ster@gmail.com