Diy Camera / Phone Tripod From Instamorph / Polymorph Plastic


The Polymorphic Thermoplastic is available in 1kg variety in the store for 40 dollars. I linked it above. I would recommend everyone who buys a EZ Robot kit to get a bag of this stuff because you can use it literally on every project. It's just as useful as hot glue , epoxy or solder.

I needed to make a stand fore close up lighting when soldering and using the new HD camera. A few grams was plenty to shape a tripod by hand. I will upload videos once I edit them. I did 4 videos while molding the stand. Once you have the shapes you want you must "Shock" the polymer with cold water. The colder the better but for this video I used cold running water to lock in the shape. It would be excellent for making little brackets and servo connections.

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lol, who needs a 3-D printer.


Lol ,I know right? I will do another tutorial later showing you can use thermoplastic to make a mold , then fill with resin or more plastic then pop out the duplicated part.


I was thinking of getting instamorph. It's pretty cool!


Who need a 3D printer?......EVERYBODY! Ha Ha.. Insta-morph is cool, but it becomes soft at 140 degrees where PLA softens at 235 degrees. One blogger used it for a cosplay costume, was in line in CA in the sun and the backpack prop broke because the IM hooks softened stretched and broke off. so there are a few cons, but its still cool stuff. I found a way to make PLA super strong. Heat Resistant Lacquer Gloss Clear! I tried it out, and it works! I tested 2 PLA parts. 1 with gloss and one with out. applied super hot glue on both with out cooling. the untreated PLA softend and a gaping hole was formed. the treated one...NOTHING! Just a tip for 3D printers out there.


Speaking of , I know the instructions say all it takes is 140 degrees to get that stuff moldable but it seems to take forever for it to start softening and turn clear. I have to turn the heat up to 160-180 degrees if I want it maliable in a few min.