Lexi 3000 V3.0


Dont want to forget my big girl. Once i get my new Large Volume 3D printer i will be working on LeXI. In a way it was good for me to take a break from her build and focus on XLR-ONE. It gave me time away to think and incorporate the new tech I designed for XLR-ONE to used now for LeXI in 1:1 scale. With the new larger printer i can 3d print LeXI's upper body the way i wanted from the start and stay away from garbage pails and plastic bottles to make up her body. What i have designed for LeXI will make you guys flip when you see it. her head and upper body completely 3d printed! Her time to shine is coming soon.


Ok announcement! I've decided to add LeXI the XLR Series. I will be 3D printing ALL of her! No garbage pails, or scraps like before. 100% 3D printed parts. After the launch of XLR-ONE on kickstarter and i get the large scale printers setup i will begin the LeXI v4 XLR Robot. She will still be close to 6ft tall. here is a taste of what im looking at.
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Congratulations. Nice decision. I may be wrong but I still think you are going to need a wider base. More so now that she's going to be 6 feet tall. If you're planning to use ballist as a counter weight in the base like you did in the little model then your really going to need a lot of weight to keep her from tipping over.

Have you found big enough servos yet to lift the bigger arms?

I'm excited to see how the big girl progresses and how you overcome the problems that comes along with moving larger masses of weight. Smile


@Dave. The arms work much better with my dual servo joint system. I'm going to be using Super HD servos for shoulders and HD servos for elbows. Dual servos dould torque. Plus now with the voltage regulators w/20amps and servos direct connect to battery, all sould be fine.


P.s. @Dave. The base drive will still be the wheel chair setup from the original.