Lexi 3000 V3.0


Great video and sound!


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Ok,finally im ready to get back to work on the assembly of LeXI and the beginning of Omnibot 3000 Anniversary build. My new workshop is ground level making it easy to take LeXI out for testing in the streets then in my old dungeon. I moved on the 21st last week and believe it or not the movers are just arriving tomorrow afternoon. I chose to drive down to Miami so i could transport LeXI and my makerbots and workshop stuff myself. Didn't trust the movers. It took me only 19 hrs straight non stop no sleep to get here. So tomorrow i will be unpacking the office boxes and assembling the shelves and work table and firing up the printers tomorrow afternoon. I plan to have LeXI ready for street cruising with in a week and then it over to Universal Studios for a test run with the public.


Universal Studios in Orlando FL?


@pj_Dtechy Yes, Orlando,Fl.

I've been passing the time planning the final stages of LeXI while waiting for the movers to get here(been a week already). So i have found the solution to my sabertooth dilemma. Here a video link to explain.

LeXI Wheelchair arm motor replacements.


lol I lived Behind Universal , maybe 10 min.


@pj_Dtechy cool i will hit you up when im going up there.

LeXI news. Ok setting up my workshop and getting the stl files ready for the alt shoulder motors removing the 2 wheelchair ones. this will actually remove 49lbs from LeXI's body weight. I was really wanting to use the motors but I cant waste more time fooling with the sabertooth and kangaroo's etc. I also believe the newer designed shoulders will use less battery power and will will move more precise then the wheelchair motors.


I can't open the link you provided to your new arm motors. Is it just me? I'm very curious about what you've chosen. *confused*.

EDIT: Nevermind. I was able to watch it on my laptop when I got home from work. Good luck. Looking forward to watching your success.


Anthony, I can't wait for another update on Lexi!


Update- the new shoulders have printed and i will be posting the pics tonight. you can see a glimpse of them( printed in red) on the Omnibot 3000 Anniversary thread when comparing the sizes between the XLR-1 and the HD-7.


Anthony in another post you mentioned removing shoulder joint wheelchair motors. You also provided a link which did not work for me. I used the same motors for same purpose, shoulders and also unhappy with there performance. Could you please provide your solution again? Thanks. Chris