Lexi 3000 V3.0


@mel , be safe , take care of yourself , I hope all goes well Mel


I have been watching your work, it is amazing. I love large robots!
You are so advanced, being a graphic designer.
If your humanoid body is eventually for sale, let me know!
Mel, hope you are doing better.
Steve S


@ aameralis your robot looks awesome, I'm glad you created this new thread vented more
I would recommend using shoulder engines that I've seen on ebay, from the same brand you mention, rotating at 8 rpm gearbox with gear,Gear ratio: 922.5:1 this is a return complete in 7.5 seconds (360 degrees), 3.75 seconds to 180 degrees, 1.8 seconds to 90 degrees.
I think that is a reasonable turn around time would win a lot of strength with that gear ratio.
If your intent is to do some lifting arms with his claws, this engine is more appropriate for their low speed and high strength


@R2D2 as for as lifting, light stuff. she is a robotic assistant not a cyborg. Lite lifting, a can of soda, tray of cookies for kids,etc. not really concerned about lifting, I want her to be visually pleasing in both physical and mechanical way. fluid movement, noises etc. she is for entertainment. the next droid which will be called "Omega-ONE" will be more of a lifter. he will be a helpful by lifting and carrying objects from place to place. more on him later on after LeXI is Completed. send me the ebay link of the motor above.


@mel take care of yourself, the bots will be here waiting for you.


@R2D2 ok I saw them, the price is right so I picked up 2. the seller is here in nj so I will get them quick. $40 with tax(nj sale) so if they don't work not a big loss even though I can always find a use for them. thanks for the link.


Thanks, guys. I am temporarily back from the Hospital. Thanks for your support and kind words.

I though about windshield wiper motors. They are strong, they operate on 12v and they have a wormgear. But, they are not a servo. But, I imagine you could make them work with an H-Bridge.

Just a thought.



update 10-24-13


If it can be done. Your Genius will find a way. Sorry to hear about all the problems you are having with this. I have ALWAYS had problems with the shoulders on all of my robots since 1975. That is why I was so excited to see your progress. Dave's Loki robot was the first that I noticed to be functional. I have seen the arms on the tables that have a HUGE base that work. But, not on the shoulders. Anyway, it is time for a change in the way they work. Why don't you try some muscle wires. They would probably work. But, you would have to have a compressor installed.

I guess your schedule was pushed back on my project.

Good Luck!