Lexi 3000 V3.0


Heres a pic of the alternate claw with 6 fingers per claw. also picture is the revised lighter HD-7 Arm.
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If you need any information from me, let me know. I don't want to slow things down. But, I want you to know exactly what I need. I have been in and out of the hospital. Looks like I may be going back very soon. I will try to stay in touch.

To boil it down and summerize: TWO HD-7 Arms including shoulders and grippers. (Medium size) to fit the Original HOLEs that come on the body. include the pistons if needed. i will ultimately need blue and white coloring. But, if it is too much trouble, just do any color. I would like the little circles on the elbos. I would like 4 finger removable fingers. One neck assembly from top to bottom. I hope that you understand what I need. I won't have the computer in the hospital with me. I have three tablets but my wife won't let me bring them to the Hospital.




@ mel hope your ok, heres something to make you laugh. I decided to add one aspect of my earlier LeXI design......The Famous Lazy Suzann. Only for the should to relieve all tension from the motors. a short video below will show you how im planning to work it. also going to upgrade the two shoulder servos with pittman gear motors as I saw on the LOKI build. will be updating daily.


AAAaaahhhhhhhhh! Phew! FlitznRacken! NOOOooooo! ha!ha!


@aamerlis- I really do want to try out a 2 wheel gyro stabilization drive system but there is a lot of expirementation to get it to function continuously outside of just standing in one spot. Moving side to side , up or down slight slopes or compensation of sudden weight change all affect the balance bot. I am goint to make a Tiny platform to expirement with and I would love to work with you on it if you like. As a matter of fact a 3d printed tiny guy might be a good idea so we can both have a identical test platform to work out the bugs before trying it on a 3 ft tall or bigger robot that invests a lot of time.


@jstarne1 Sounds like a good idea josh. Once LeXI is done I will design and print out a 12" version.


Unbelievable, Lexi and this new project are looking very nice.


I agree with Clint , you are doing an awesome job


Thanks guys, I really love the way LeXI is coming along. Wait to you see the arms assembled and attached to her upper body... looks awesome. gonna post the pics of her altered elbow to accommodate her lower arm movement. the reason i am switching from the servo to the dc motor for the shoulder was after i looked into the LOKI build. I see he used 2 dc motors with a chain-sprocket set up. i don't want the chain setup i want to connect the dc motor to the steel rod connected to the shoulder joint.


Hello my friend. Sorry to tell you that two doctors called and said for me to get right back to the Emergency room STAT.

Just do what you have to do. If you want more info, I will try to get my hands on a computer in the next 2-3 days.