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Ez Builder & Roomba

Assistance Requested

Help RobMcc with their question and receive $10 of EZ-Credit to get more robots and parts from our store. The following information was provided about their previous efforts searching tutorials for a resolution.

RobMcc claims to have checked these sources:

Downloaded new ez builder and now issues with my roomba commands. *stress*
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I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

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Going to need more info than that dude.

What are the issues? What controls? Post the project file?

If you are talking about the script (that I just noticed as I closed the image) then you need to check the syntax of the script. EZ-Script syntax changed a few updates ago and it looks like you have text that is not enclosed in quotes (which is now a requirement for all text) on line 12. The debug of the script should tell you everything you need to know on that one.


A few months ago the EZ-Script was changed to require proper use of strings. This means surrounding commands in quotes "like this"


Roomba( "init" )

Roomba( "MainBrushOn" )


Thats what I needed. Thanks DJ been a while since I got a chance to sit down with this again. And just moved everything to my new pc. Ok a few mods to my script all good.


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Thanks Guys.