Windows 8.1 Upgrade And Ez-builder.


I upgraded to MS Windows 8.1. Bluetooth is handled different in Windows 8.1.

It needs to be paired each time you run EZ-Builder. But did not need to reinstall anything. And EZ-Builder works fine otherwise.

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had to go into bluetooth settings change the check box allow bluetooth devices to find this pc.
solves pair each time. j updated 10/20/2013 at 2:34pm


Thanks for sharing the info. That's a handy head's up. +1 for you in my book.


I don't win 8.1 but that sounds like something is wrong. You shouldn't have to pair each time you start up EZ Builder. That would be a big hassle and something that needs to be fixed.


If it's paired correctly it should remain paired until you unpair it (or in some cases, until the device is paired with another device), that is the whole idea of pairing devices. I haven't upgraded my Windows 8 to 8.1 yet but when I do I'll have a look in to it further since something doesn't seem quite right with that...


I upgraded to Windows 8.1, you only need to pair the EZ-B Bluetooth device once after the upgrade. After that is accomplished, each time the EZ-B GUI is started the Bluetooth ports are displayed in the Connect choice and additional pairing is not required in order to establish a connection.