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Downloading From Ez Cloud

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When I download my saved project into EZ Builder from EZ Cloud into my already opened project it will combine both projects so have double of the same controls. Is this normal?

I seem to remember doing this a few months ago and instead of merging both projects it would close the opened project before opening the downloaded one from EZ Cloud. However I could be wrong.

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When I have a new project built and then download a saved project from EZ cloud all I wind up with is the downloaded project, the new project is gone.


That's not normal, it should open it like a new project file being opened (however I've not done so on the latest version).

If you need your project off of the cloud you can always go to your cloud files on here, right click and save as (it may need to be set to public for you to access this way, I'm unsure of how that works).


OK, I tried it again today after the computer was shut dowm all night. If I open my file directly from the cloud by clicking on it, it will open cleanly in a new occurance of EZ Builder enen if I have my project already open. . If I download from the cloud with my project open I'll have double of everything.

If I open anybody elses project while mine is open the two will also mix.


Amazing DJ, you da bomb! Thanks for the fast fix on the buggy boo.