Question About Voice Recon: Waiting For The Right Answer.


Hello all, was working a bit with LeXI's AI and had come an issue im sure you guys would be able to get me some input.

I was wanting to create a script where I would have LeXI ask me a question to be answered.

Example: LeXI- " Anthony what is 2 + 2?" Now I want her to wait for the right answer which will be of course "4" and when I say "4" she will respond " that is correct.". That part is simple, the hard part is having her reply to "Wrong Answers". If I said "15" she would say "that answer is incorrect try again" and repeat that answer everytime I give a number other than 4.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


I don't know for sure.. But you can go with PandoraBot , i guess...


Short of adding every possible answer to the phrase list for the question in the script you would need to use some kind of "dictation mode" such as Pandora or other third party software running in the background linked to EZ-Builder.

However, a better way around would be to use multiple choice questions and then have each of the choices in the phrase list. This would greatly improve accuracy amongst other benefits.


What you are asking about is an Audio Calculator. I has been done before. I have seen it. But, I don't remember where.

I would personally like to see a siri setup. It can calculate things like how many miles from CA to LA.



@ rich ok multiple choice would work. how would I then script it to be as the following:

Lexi- " what is 12 x 2?"

Then on here Mimo monitor an image will pop up showing 3 choices, A B or C.

Lexi- "Choose one of the following 3 answers."

and in the script a would be 122 b would be 76 and c would be 24.
each of the 3 choice will have a different response from LeXI.

Just need to know how to have an image pop up and work it in the script.


I believe that UltraHal does the math thingy.


With WaitForSpeech() the phrases allowed pop up on screen anyway, so it may just be a case of


SayWait("What is 4 times 4")
$response = WaitForSpeech(10, "10", "12", "14", "16")
If($response = "16")
SayWait("sorry that is incorrect, please try again")

The 4 answers should pop up on screen, it then waits for 10 seconds for a response. If the response equals the correct answer then it says Correct and moves to the next question otherwise it loops back to the start.

Note, the code is not tested and is given as an idea. In fact, the goto(nextquestion) and lable for :nextquestion are redundant in the above code but it gives an idea of how to do it.


@rich ok I will try this and see if it will be enough for what im trying to achieve.


Ultra hal does this automatically with words or numbers. The main thing would be to tie it to the EZB software.

@RGordon, have you done that yet?


@Mel, you have it backwards. UltraHal will do simple math, this is asking questions for the user to do the math.