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Ez-b V4 Conector Types

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I saw in another post a picture of the new EZB V4 board sitting in DJ's hand. It occurred to me that there are few different connectors then was on the EZB V3. notably the main power connector and the white female connectors in the middle of the board. I assume the mail header pins are the ADC & Digital ports and the black female connector is the 12c(Correct?). What are the white female ones and what type connector do I need to attach to them?

I'm waiting for 3 of these V4 boards when they start shipping. I want to be ready to retrofit them into my B9 and take advantage of the new options when they arrive. I want to have what's needed here to attach them and not have to wait weeks again for new parts to arrive.

Thanks! Dave

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Power is a mini dean connector. Not sure about the white things in the middle.


The three smaller white connectors are i2c and the longer centered pin is the camera

The speaker is on the bottom of the board that is pressure fit when installed in the case. Without the case, an external speaker can be connected to the speaker pins.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

main board without shield holds the processor, voltage regulator, audio amplifier and a few other stuff
User-inserted image


Ahh! Very nice pics and very impressive. Thanks for the close ups. Looks like you have a work of art here for us.

Looks like you've moved the power connection to the bottom of the board along with the Speaker. I'm a little concerned now about the footprint. Wont this make it a little harder to mount this board to the robot in tight places with control and power cables connecting to top, bottom and one end of the board? If I want to mount it "flat" so the ports are on top, I'll have to somehow route the power cable under the board. If this the case I'll probable end up desoidering that power connection and directly solder the power wiring to the board to save room and decrease the height of the board. I can then add a Molex connector for easy disconnection. Kinda like a piggy tail coming off the EZB.


We have an adapter. It's inly 1 cm distance from the board. If you need, remove the connector and solder directly.

The ezb also slides into any Revolution chasis and the plug connects to the power. Smile it's quite elegant.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Jeremie says hi! He's the creative genius behind the designs Smile

User-inserted image


Aww thanks boss....'blush'...wait there's an emoticon for that! *blush*




Hi Jeremie! Love your work!

I see now why you have the power connector on the bottom. This design lets you just "plug" it into your robot. "Elegant" is perfect word for what you've done here.

It's good that you have a adaptor for attaching the power other then a direct "plug in". I have no problem modifying things like rerouting the power connection. I had to do this in the top "brain" of my B9. Very little room up there where my 3rd EZB sits and controls light, motor and power off functions. See the pics below and you can see why I'm looking forward to getting and installing the new, smaller EZB (also I'm looking forward to the WiFi upgrade. I'm having disconnect problems with Bluetooth):

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Again, thanks for the preview! Nice work!


This is awesome! Your making it hard to be patient! Winky