You go through and answer 18 questions and then you're sent back to question 1 again. What up ?


I just took the survey from a phone and it worked perfectly. Smile




I had to go through twice but all answers were saved for the second time, just kept hitting next.

On a side note, my OCD kicked in and spotted a slight mistake on the ages page... Do I get bonus points for spotting it? Smile One age range is wrong (26-45)


Rich don't be silly , that's the midlife crisis


As right as you are I'm in that range, I prefer to call it the "keeping hold of my youth" range since I'm in it Smile

@Technopro, the survey was sent out via email, I assume to subscribers of the mailing list. It's also on facebook.




Thanks @Rich, I fixed it Smile

I'll look into the problem with question 18 pushing you back tot the first question and see if others have that problem. Thanks @Robot-Doc