Humanoid #2


I got yer bump right here, palSmile Havent done much, gonna have to rewrite all the frames after i get my v4, so this is all I have for now.




did you find a name yet? name (storm) maybe.


Havent used this bot in awhile, decided it was time to get some stuff done. It walks forward and backward with the new legs and i extended the arms by an inch and a half or so. Theres an accelerometer behind the battery in the chest. I wrote a script that polls the accelerometer every five seconds to check if the robot is on its face or back. If its standing, nothing happens. If its on its face or back, it stands up automatically. Heres a long walking video.



very nice it.


Nice Kenny. That looks like the way I walk after I've been sitting on the couch for a few hours. Tongue


the walking is awesome!
it looks like the legs were re worked to kind of resemble the Robi robot legs.
I love that lay out!
you should take a look at how they mounted the head with 2 servos they get very good natural movement out of the head. ill try to post some pics.

but again awesome walking motion.

any chance you can show us how you set up the accelerometer? please.


Looks great, have you gotten a V4 yet?


Kenny has a v4 - but it's not in this humanoid (yet). I met Kenny in Seattle a few weeks ago - he brought a Lipo charger to me when I was SOL!

I saw his robot - it's really cool


Glad Kenny could save the day!
My robot Dave has his new V4 and is being reprogrammed.
I need to get his camera installed in his head.
His has much more power now!