Humanoid #2


cool robot love it. Grin


awesome, got to get me some of those eyes....


please link where you get the eyes. Grin


thank you Grin


what brand is the robot?


This is the kit I bought; it was just brackets, screws and servo horns, no servos. No instructions either, just the picture. I arranged it how I wanted insteadSmile kinda makes him one-of-a-kindSmile

And these are the servos I used.

In order to drive all those servos, I have a 7.4volt 1600milliamp hour lithium polymer battery. The servos can draw up to 2 amps each, (up to 30 amps total)which is too much current for the ez-b. I have modified my ez-b in a way that voids my warranty. I scratched the ext_power trace off the underside of the board and ran external power wires from the ez-b's power connector. I can't stress enough that you can destroy your ez-b if this mod isn't done correctly. The ez-b still has its fuse, but the rest of the servos are getting the full unregulated and unfused power of the battery. I keep a fire extinguisher nearby lol.


wow you design the robot.thats cool. +grippers. Grin
atleast you can use your bioloid chutts off in 15 min,especially the hip servo's
and i dont understand the Y x z INVERSE KINMATICS *blush*
do you know the jo-zero robot?


That Jo-zero robot is pretty cool lookin. It seems that they're pretty hard to find though. Bioloid is a good robot too, way better than mine. I bet you'll be able to use a ezbv4 in yoursSmile


on sale

also to find on robi robot page as type2