Humanoid #2


Theres a few different kits, just search "dof robot" on ebay, theres a 9, 12, 15 and 17 dof versions.They come with all the hardware, no servos. Mg995 servos cost $30 for a set of four, whis is a great deal considering standard futaba s3003's usually cost $10 each and are only 42 oz/in of torque instead of the 208 that you get from the mg995's. Its all shipped from china though, shipping is usually frew, just expect it to take like 2 weeks or so to get to you. Totally worth itSmile


At the current time we only have plans to produce the EZ-Robots in white, but who knows what the future will hold!
Its certainly not tough to change the color of the plastics....

In the meantime, if you find someone with a 3D printer (or eBay/UPS etc) it would be easy to have one printed yourself. Or even the quick and dirty route of dyeing or painting it yourself!


Thanks MarkSmile Its kinda funny, I found a temporary head for him, and its white lolSmile I also added two 96x64 pixel oled displays. And some new moves.


wow those eyes are amazing! how was it integrating them into the ezb?


Not bad at all. They each have their own processor and accept serial commands from the ezb's d16 and d17. it accepts two byte hex commands like "SendSerial(d16,9600,0x55) to initialize it. there's a whole list of commands to draw shapes and load pictures and stuff. What you saw in that video was a preloaded program installed on each chip that runs as soon as you give them power. I wrote some scripts for drawing eye dots and such, and they work. but often times, using sendserial commands jerks all the servos at once causing a brownout. It's the only time that happens. not quite sure how to fix that...


Thanks for the tip Kenny Smile Do you mind me asking, Jeepers Creepers, where did you get those Peepers?


Boom, there it is, somebody had to say it lol. The eyes are 4d systems uoled-96-g1 sgc displays, which are discontinued lol. They have new versions that work better, and they only cost about $40 each. Spend the extra money and get their programming cable, you'll probably end up having to reflash them at some point. They need to be turned on and off at specific times during flashing, and their cable supports that, its hard to build a cable with that feature. They also handle up to a 2gig micro sd card for storing and recalling pictures and videos. Google 4d systems, they got all kinds of displays and shields lol


Your robot is very awesome! Did you add the great looking hands extra from the 15 degrees of freedom found on Ebay?
Can you give more description on the robot you built? It is very cool!
You have given it great moves with EZB. Your building skills are great.
The eyes have it!
Thank You,
Steve S


Thanks @Kenny Winky


New video with the mobile app. Music copyright The WhoSmile Big thanks to DJ and crew, the app is awesomeSmile