Zoomer Dog Robot , Very Cool Toy To Hack



hey I saw this guy in Wal-Mart on posters and immediately thought of the wowwee style toys and ofcourse hacking little dude. Here is a video. I'm sure lots of people will want to get one for their kids and a week later when they get bored it's time for a ezb v4 transplant! Smile the price started as 75 dollars for the holiday season.

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This guy is really cute! I'd hate to hack him. *eek*


I know right? Lol , wait till the new wears off Smile. Give him the gift of ezb and a camera and he's a watch dog Smile


If I can become proficient in utilizing ez bits in auto123D then maybe I could make a 3d printed version of this dude. It's a cool concept.


This guy has caught my eye a walmart as well. It's looks nice. I was digging the feet a lot.


Thanks for sharing the Zoomer dog. It is a great way to introduce robots to young grandkids.
I will have to check local availibilty and pricing.
Steve S


My kids are really fond of the Zoomer Interactive Puppy and consider it to be a top robot dog among others in these times. The grounds behind selecting this one is that I count it to be a great toy for kids although most of us (the kids especially) love to own a live pet at home and most significantly, owning a live pet is a vast responsibility which is required to be learned at a young age.

I’d really appreciate if you could kindly please share your views. Smile


the zoomer is great.here's another dog faster chip.


Has anyone hacked Chip or Zoomer?


I have a Chip. I am tempted to take it apart to see if it has a UART connector in it like WowWee's MiP. The Chip dog is really an interesting piece of tech. It comes with a wrist watch that you can set up so that the dog follows it. I have strapped it to our real dog's collar and she freaks because Chip follows her around! LOL