New Higher Ezb4 Price?


Why has the EZB4 price jumped from 69 bucks to 99 bucks?
Does it have new features?
Why should I keep recommending EZ Robot to people when you keep increasing prices? You are making me question my recommendations?
Free shipping was already increased from 100 to 200 bucks?
Please tell me whats going on?
I know you have new staff and no sales for a long period!
You should have more communication and respect for your home base.
Steve S


DJ commented a few days ago that the pre-order price was a discounted price and that once all pre-orders were filled the price would increase to the normal price.

Personally I would say that $69 was a very good offer and $99 is still very much worth it.


I respect you very much.
I did not hear the comment that prices would increase?
Where is the communication?
Steve S


It was mentioned in this topic post #3 that pre-sale prices would increase after December, I guess that was moved forwards a little.


Maybe D.J. can explain why the price increase was moved up from December to October 2nd? Almost 2 months?
Where is the communication?
I support EZB, it has a great product, but it should have better communications and support to its home base.
Steve S


I think you need to give DJ a break.... He is not just developing robotics so all we can have fun, but he is also in the process of building a company at the same time.... and that takes money... Just be happy he is giving us the personal attention right now... Because as this company grows (and it will rapidly), there will be far too many of us and too many business responsibilities and requirements of him that it will surely divert his attention from the forums.... Personally I would pay double for his products, but nobody heard me say that, right? Grin.... Anyway, I think everyone should stop whining and complaining and let him do his thing....


Thank you RRyerson,
I am just venting my thoughts. I have spent slightly less than $ 1,000 three kits on EZRobot (direct & indirect purchases).
Maybe I should be quiet.
Look forward to your ICreate EZB4 progress.
Steve S


Hi SteveS,
We initially pushed out a lower price for the EZ-B and a few other items as a special sale to our current community. Although we didnt openly advertise this sale, it gave the first group of people who ordered a really good deal, which we thought was fair as most of you had been waiting very patiently for the last few months. While we originally wanted to keep the sale longer, we hit the volume goal very quickly,and unfortunately it would be hard to keep those prices and still keep the electricity on!



Thank you for responding Mark, I understand.
Steve S


I hear you... Nobody likes price increases.... and $1000 is not chump change dude... I have $500 plus on order for various EZB4 products and I am sure I will spend much more soon enough... For reference, my basic Atompro 28 is $62 and the board it sits in is around $25... (Canadian, by the way)... My point is together they are nearly $100 and the Atom doesn't do nearly what the EZB can do... So in that respect, I think DJ is under priced... I give him kudos for offering us Guinea pigs (Grin) a cheaper introductory price on the EZB4....