Soft Pla, A Robot Makers Best Friend!


Just got back my Replicator 2 all brand new and 100% ready for action. One thing I have been wanting to make for LeXI were the "Hoses" which cover her next wiring and shoulder socket. I had made a few tries with basic pla and even with zero infill and ultra thin layers it still was stiff. so I was gonna give in and just buy flex hose and move on. Oh no baby, I just found my new 3d printers best friend... MatterHackers Soft PLA! Its like printing with rubber! watch several video and fell in love. my brain has been coming up with so many applications...rubber treads for the gripper, custom shape/size flex tubing, for those who will use a track system rubberized tracks that actually grip the surface. so many applications. The best of all for me is the flex tubing.. this was a pain to find some that was flexible enough and fit right. I just order a roll of black(.75kg) which I should have by Friday. will print them out and post pics and video of the flexibility of the print. Also I wanted to fix the new head where the light of her eyes shined. in my videos it just black tape. I was gonna just paint it black because the curve was gonna be hard to print a cool cover with basic PLA. But now with the soft PLA I can print it and apply like a rubber mask contouring the curve of the head.


That's new , cool. Any links about this soft material?


Wow, this stuff is expensive @ $75 per 1 lb roll.
Here's the Link

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Yes its not cheap but it would only be used for certain prints. since not all 3d prints need to be flexible.


Wow that's 2.5 times more expensiven than standard pla. Use that sparingly!