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What Microphone For Ez-builder?

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My Panasonic Toughbook does not have a built in mic... Before I trawl eBay for one does anyone recommend a good quality one that will work well with EZ builder?.... I realize I probably need to avoid the cheap ones from China that of course flood eBay auctions...


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You are right, avoid cheap ones - I've got through about 7 mics so far and yet to find a good one because I've been trying to be cheap.

Tony (@toymaker) recommends the revolabs xtag wireless mic although it is expensive I have no doubts that it is very capable.

Alternately, you could use a bluetooth mic, one designed for a hands free headset for a phone. I got a cheap one and it didn't work too well (constantly playing up although the mic was great when it worked).


Thanks.... Cheers Smile


Added another alternative after I hit reply too soon, possibly a cheaper alternative.


Ouch, seriously pricey!....A bit out of my price range so I will have to keep looking....


I have had good luck with the Motorola Roadster hands free speaker. It has a noise canceling microphone that is the best I have tried, and the speaker is really loud (probably louder than max volume on the Toughbook). Prices are dropping because Motorola just launched a version 2.



Ha, ha... No Bluetooth in my CF-19, either.... Thanks Alan


Bluetooth dongles are only around $5 Smile

Dongle plus Motorola Roadster looks like it could be a cost effective option.


Is the CF-19 going to be on-board the robot? Decent quality wired microphones should not be hard to find or very expensive. (really good ones are, but less than an equivalent quality wireless).



I'm having good luck with the USB connected Blue Snowball. It has 3 different settings for sound detection.