Omnibot Tires


Anyone have an issue with the rubber tires on their omnibot falling apart? What did you/can you do to fix or replace the rubber?


Not yet, but my Robie Sr's rubber treads don't look so hot even though they haven't fallen apart yet. So I'll probably need to go down this road sooner or later...

Here's some quick thoughts for replacing:
* Big rubber bands
* Rubber car belts (cut to size)
* Large silicone washers
* Plasti Dip painted into where the rubber treads were on the wheels

Hope these inspire someone! Smile


Thanks, I was thinking of cutting a flat rubber bungee cord and gluing it around the wheel. But these are interesting too. I actually don't have a problem yet but was looking at an omnibot on ebay that had one bad leg...


I found some rubber bands that fitted the wheels quite tightly or so I thought? When omnibot turns they started to come off the plastic wheel and jammed in between the wheel and the housing the torque that the moters generate is significant so I had to cut the bands off. I eventually got some new ones from another Omnibot so be very interested to hear how you get on gluing something else on or the plasti dip whatever that is. But rubber bands just stetched over don't work


Hmmm. Possibye an inner tube cut and glued with contact cement? Or maybe an idler belt cut to size and glued? I really don't see any option that doesn't involve glue. Possibly a bunch of O-rings that can be stretched over?


@winstn60 - WOW. I hadn't thought the torque would be that significant... Guess rubber bands are out.

Plasti Dip? Why THIS is! Guess they don't have it in the UK? It looks like really neat stuff. Not sure if it'd harm the Omnibot plastic though...

@bret.tallent - "Contact cement"!! That's what I couldn't think of for gluing. Thanks. Glad to hear your Omnibot doesn't have broken rubber tires. Smile The inner tube and idler belt sound promising...

How about an old cut-up wet suite?


A wet suit might be really good...


Hey guys , dont know if you have a hobby lobby nearby but there are casting kits you can buy which allow you to take a cast of the tire on one good wheel ( by good i mean in one piece enough to make a mold of) then after your cast is made pour in your rubber compound ( or if your really cheap use epoxy resin as a binder and plastic shavings or rubber powerder used to make bouncy balls in quater vending machines you can chop up in a blender)


Excellent idea! Thank you.


No problem , had to fix a couple toys like that. Ill find a link to see a example of the kit