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I Get S Sadface Error When Clicking A Link To The Ez Robot Sight

Assistance Requested

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jstarne1 claims to have checked these sources:

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Ok so I get this the last couple days if I click the link in a forum notification. When I just type it into a browser or click the thread link from my saved favorites it doesn't happen. Weird. Just letting someone know.

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Sorry the title has bad grammar my phone changed it to what it thought it should be , get. Anyone know how to reset the spell correction vocabulary?


I checked with a Android browser and a chrome browser both end up giving me the error


Funny that, I was getting something similiar recently Josh .intermitten ( on various web sites )
Then chrome crashed with a full fatal blue screen ,tried re loading no success

Installed netscape that works ok


Hmm , weird. It only happens with links sent to me in the email.


has been working fine for me with links from emails, bookmarks, manually typed in urls... Most likely to be a problem with the phone not the site.