Using Gopro Hero 3 With The Ez-builder.


How to setup EzBuilder to use gopro hero 3? I connected to the gopro wifi, but it wont show Inez-builder.


If it's a jpeg stream you'll need to put the url of the live image in the camera control drop down list rather than selecting a camera.

Have a look at this topic, I assume it is going to be similar.


The Hero3 creates MPEG Transport Stream files (.ts). Not sure if EZ-Builder can read those in it's URL streaming or not, but here is a thread with instructions on how to attach to the stream from other applications like VLC, so it is worth a try (I don't have a WiFi back for my Hero2, so I can't try it in order to provide more succinct directions).



Has anyone had luck getting a GoPro to talk to EZ-Builder over a wire or wifi? I'd like to use the video from the GoPro to track color. If not, I suppose I can put the GoPro next to a compatible camera.



Has someone figured out a way to not have the two second delay with the Hero3 over WiFi? Until that happens it will be hard to make it usable unless it's just there to record, not drive or scan by.