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New! Ez-b V4.0 So With The Wifi No Need For Bluetooth Adapter?

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Just ordered 2 of the new EZ-B Mini boards. My question is do they require the Bluetooth adapter or do they ALREADY have the WiFi connectivity. Unsure if its WiFi capable or WiFi ready?

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As far as I know, it comes ready with a WiFi adapter Grin


@Niek Thanks Niek.


Does that mean they don't have Bluetooth anymore or they now have the capability to do both?


@robot56 No bluetooth anymore, I believe because it's not fast enough for transferring the audio.


Ahem - did you say audio Niek?


"120MHz, 150 DMIPS, unique chip ID#, DAC amplified audio with Speaker for Robot voice, 8 Analog ports, 24 Digital ports, Wifi connectivity, i2c, UART, Resettable fuse protection, Reverse polarity protection, and on-board 3.3VDC"

@jstarne1 yes it comes with a speaker and 4 more digital ports as well!


*oops* Grin


Omg Dj I feel like you listened to every suggestion I ever made now.... Nice


Thanks Niek for filling in while some of us caught up on sleep!

The new board only runs on Wifi... Its faster, longer range and also can transfer audio and video files.