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Adc To Move Jaw New Software

Assistance Requested

Help merne with their question and receive $10 of EZ-Credit to get more robots and parts from our store. The following information was provided about their previous efforts searching tutorials for a resolution.

merne claims to have checked these sources:

I would recommend using the Auto Positioner for your animatronic stuff..


Great video DJ. I miss these quick tuts like the ones from your basement. Just got in from Atlanta tonight to find my ezb4s waiting for me. Looking forward playing in the morning.


Thank you for the video DJ. I will play around with the auto position to see what happens.


while playing with the Auto Position, I noticed I can't delete a servo box. I have tired high lighting the servo box and hit my del key on my keyboard; it does not delete the servo box. I'm I doing something wrong?



Also, when I go back into the auto position to add the Head UP, Neck twist no, and head tilt back and forth center and all that stuff. Then when I add a new frame the servo boxes are showing NA.

Do I need to add an auto position for ever movement/event. e.g. one for the eyes, one for the head, tilt, nod no, and one for the Jaw?

Thank you,


Hi Mike,

I'm just wondering if you have upgraded to the most recent EZ-Builder?

Deleting a servo has now been fixed in the newest version, I just verified it.

To keep the servo positions you've initially generated you will have to select that pre-made frame and then click new frame, name it, and then select it the new frame on the list of frames. This will keep the servo positions you made in the last frame and allow you to change them as needed for your action.

Just in case you haven't come across it yet, in order to see all the port numbers use the "Port Edit Mode" check box.

For every event you'd like to execute you can either generate an new "Action" or you can execute a script with multiple frames or actions in it.

An alternate way would be to use a script inside an Action, just click on the "edit script" button near the top right of the action screen.


I download the newer ez_builder and it seems better. I want to thank everybody for your input and guildandce. I am gvoing to be away for my project for a couple of days.

Thanks everyone, as always v/r