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Adc To Move Jaw New Software

Assistance Requested

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Hello, I had a working JAW/mouth working with older software. I upgrade to the lastest software and can't figure out how to sync the jaw using a analog to digital from my PC to the power amp that goes to the ADC0. I can't figure out how to make it work using the new software.

This is what I had using the older software for the jaw sync...If (ADC(ADC0) > 1)

Any help would be nice.

Thanks, Mike

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The IF in line one is incorrect. ADC(ADC0) is incorrect, it should be GetADC(ADC0)


IF (GetADC(ADC0) > 1)


Thank you Rich, I will give it a try.


So, did it work?


hi rich sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I've been away from my project for quite a while. that program statement that you put in the thread did work however it only does it once I need it to be continuous. maybe using the wrong program but I'd like to have the jaw move every time the speech recognition says something. is this possible I'm using version 9 4 2013. I am still using the v3 board.

thank you in advance Mike


merne, you need to upgrade to the latest EZ-B release, is there some reason that you are still using 9.4.2013 ?


Add a label to the top and a sleep and goto at the bottom to make it loop.


IF (GetADC(ADC0) > 1)

You may need to add in another servo() command to move the servo from position 48 since it's all moving very quickly it may all happen faster than it can physically move and release the servo.

Also, as Doc said, update your software.


Hi guys, as always, your all so quick for answers. Thanks! I will try Rich's program commans today. as for the new software version, i thought it's for the new v4 board only? Maybe i am wrong.


Although the New EZB4 code is now included in the new releases there are still quite a few improvements in the code for the EZB3s.


Improvements including a firmware update to the V3 which makes it a lot better. It's worth keeping the software up to date.