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Question: Is There A Way To Have A Robot Run By Both Ez-b And R/c Receiver?

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Was wondering if it is at all possible to have my robot work with both EZ-B and R/C Receiver.
My idea was to have all the main moving servos( drivetrain,head and arms) connected to both the EZ-B and the R/C Receiver via 'y' cables. When the EZ-B is off the R/C can take over the movement or if a script is running say just for speech and not servos the EZ-B script takes care of the speech while i control movements via the R/C transmitter like a puppeteer.

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I have successfully done this. See
R/C control

Also see

Project Questor



At the time I did this, there did not appear to be much interest in it by others so I never got around to drawing up good diagrams and a schematic. If you want to go this route I would be glad to help out.


Rex, I eventually want to be able to control parts of my B9 by both EZB and RC. I was very interested in your method when you were working on it months ago. I filed it under things "I want to do"and intended to come back to it when I got the rest of the build completed. I'll be watching again to this thread.




Did you resolve this?


Im working on it, gonna try a "Y" cable method I saw. will post results.



With a "Y" cable you would end up with 2 raw outputs (EZ-B and RC receiver) directly connected and feeding into each other, which is probably not a good idea. To stop these back feeds to the other input, you could try just a simple diode "OR" gate, this will isolate both the output sources from each other (EZ-B and RC), but will let each of the PWM signals through to the servos.

The "Y" cables are meant to be used the other way round, that is the source PWM (output) signal into the "T" connection which then feeds into the 2 servo inputs part, so one PWM feed can drive 2 servos which is ok, but not 2 separate PWM signals feeding into 1 servo.

The diodes (and pull down resistor) could be incorporated in a "Y" cable.

Hope this helps



@tony so how would I setup the diode gate?


Here is a sketch showing how I would do the diode OR gate by converting a servo "Y" cable. The signal diodes could be general purpose type 1N4148 or similar, it would be better to use Schottky signal diodes if you have them. The pull down resistor could be something like 10K. The diodes and resistor get soldered into the "Y" cable tails, then insulate them with heatshrink.

User-inserted image

One thing to be careful of is to not allow both sources to output PWM through the gate at the same time, this could cause the target servo to move very erratically!

I have never done what you are attempting to do, but this should work, if you do try it let us know how it works out.



@ tony Thanks will try it out this weekend. will post video of the turn out.