Working On A Baby Dragon.


here some good looking dragons.

cartoon dragons


I think you should name him Puff.


or smokey Grin


Hi there,
I have just joined this community 5 minutes ago as I was so awestruck by this baby dragon. It is exactly what I am looking for for 2 projects. One is a shoulder dragon (google "wood baby" for what I am talking about) and the other is animated dogs and teddy bears (I make plush bears, dragons etc from scratch) for an animation I have written about my kidney failure/dialysis and transplant from the point of view of my two dogs...the dogs steal my script and take over the

I would like to ask which components of Ezrobot you used for the dragon and reply a resounding "YES PLEASE" to seeing a template of your beautiful draggie! as per the quote below.

"If you guys really want some templates of this I would be more then happy to try and put that together. I am planning on putting a template section on my site and once I get that done I will add the dragon parts. Is it just the head or the wings people want?."

Any pointers or help in either direction from this community would help (I can start a new thread if that is better). I am in Australia so I would obviously need to source the parts on line etc.

Thanks heaps! Smile


I have re-posted about the dog/teddy bear question in this post,

"dog and animal robots"

I apologise if I asked in the wrong section and had no intention of hijacking your post. I was excited by your creation and had a temporary circuit malfunction in my poor little brain



Jamie! I was browsing through the EZ-Robot forum and came across your BB-8, then this amazing dragon!

Did you ever release templates?

I won't bore the Community with off-topic stuff (drop me an email), but it looks like your foam skills have served you well!



Hi, no I ever did release templates. Most of what I ended up doing was freehand the templates as I needed them.
However if anyone is needing any help I am more than willing to offer any advice I can. I am also going to be building a new dragon for display at ThunderCon (convention in ThunderBay Ontario) just as soon as I can get the funds together to buy a new EZB kit.


Hello, firstly you do amazing work, I have an idea I want to make real, your dragon has everything I'm looking for. Unfortunately I have no clue where to start or where to buy anything can you please help this would make the perfect project to get my son into the tech world... Thanks in advance


Hi, the main white material used for the dragon is just kitchen garbage bins. All the other stuff like rods and things I sourced from ebay and other site. What exactly is it you are looking for. I honestly just used google and this website and did a lot of searching.


Thank that was a big help now I have a better idea of the materials I can use. I want a interactive dragon like yours but I want it to walk and fly, I also want the wings to tuck in.I can't find anything on the wings at all...